Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Search Is Over For My Latest Love...

I am so smitten with this fella. He loves to rub against me. He gets jealous of any attention I show to a book or my laptop. You can hear how happy he is. He tells me. He can't keep his hands off me. His touch is so soft--but rough sometimes too. He doesn't realise he is hurting me. Which makes me almost like his scratches.

His name is Earl Marco S. He isn't "red" but more "golden". He is so healthy. So soft. So funny. He loves to play. And he loves ME! My in-laws got him from their neighbors. The kids over there had named him Marco. Now, before you accuse me of stealing these kids favorite pet... they have approximately 22 cats. They are all outside. And they ALL have names. I promised the kids that he would be an inside cat. Be brushed, loved, fed and pampered. I have $35 worth of cat toys at my house for him to play with. I also promised the kids his name would be Earl MARCO. I call him Early-Pearly or Early Early Oxen Free!!

I really am happy with him. I love. love. love him. But I gotta get him declawed. O.M.G. He can't be near me without kneading me and clawing me. But he's so darn cute. I love how cats are so "snobby". I saw a sign at the local vets office. It's perfect. "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff." Even Calie likes him. Her and Earl #1 were not friends--he liked to pee-pee on her bed or clothes... Early Pearly knows where to potty. He's a good boy.

For those of you wondering about my health issues... I was stuck 3 times yesterday by an evil blood sucker woman. She finally got 4 vials of blood from me after I bit a hole in my arm so she would give me a break! I wanted to tell her that I would just rip out my tampon and squeeze it into her vials if she's let me. But Sweets kept giving me the evil eye as if to say "Don't you DARE say it...DO NOT!" So, I didn't. I look like a IV drug user--so I'm wearing long sleeves until my arms heal. I do feel a little better. Still exhausted. Even after 12 hours of sleep. I'm a total lard ass. Doctor is trying to find out why I'm gaining so much weight (165--and even at 5'8"--it's not pretty). I think it's my medicine--or Taco Bell's fault. All of my medicines were increased recently--I *think* I feel a difference. But then, I'm crazy anyways, so...who knows.

I can't find Claudia's DS. This last weekend I rearranged the living room furniture. And my bedroom furniture. In an attempt to locate the DS. FAIL! I straightened up her room. And the boys room. FAIL. I can NOT find it. It has to be somewhere. I mean, it didn't grow legs and walk off...right? Oh well.

I'm about to go home for lunch and pet Early Pearly. And play solitaire on the laptop. Have a great Tuesday--see yall (I'm from East Texas--I can say that) Thursday.


  1. Congratulations on the newest member! Welcome to our world Earl Marco. :-)

    xo vic

  2. I forgot to thank you for the last post - it means a lot. A whole lot.

    xoxo - v

    p.s. L - email me for God's sake!