Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Was Off Yesterday--But Worked Harder Than Ever...

A day off should be just that. A day OFF. But whoever (I'm talking females here) REALLY takes the day off if they have the day off? Apparently not me...

I went to the bank. To the grocery store that I lovingly call "hell mart". To the water department. Unloaded the dishwasher. Loaded it. Washed 3 loads of laundry. And put away 7 (don't ask). I cleaned the litter box out. The refrigerator out. My pantie drawer out. I made my bed. The boys bed. The girls bed. I straightened the living room. Vacuumed. I went and ate lunch with Carson (surprise!!)--but really, I didn't eat. Then I sat on my couch and paid the electric bill (one day EARLY!!) and the car insurance bill (4 days late). Took me 30 minutes and much aggravation. "You entered three. hundred. and forty. five. dollars. and zero. cents. If this is correct press 1" O. M. G. "If you now have a headache and want to cook your food by campfire and read by candlelight--just hang up. We will disconnect you in a few days"

Then I played Mahjong Titans on the computer for a few games (I deserved it). Then I made homemade hot sauce--and ate 1/4 of it. I cleaned the toilets. The sinks. Emptied all the trash cans. Windexed the mirrors. Clorox wiped the counters, faucets and pottys. Took a bath. Read part of my new book ("Such A Pretty Fat" or "Why Pie Is Not The Answer" by Jen Lancaster). Then I started dinner. Had a Sam Adams Winter Lager. By now it was 5:30PM and I officially QUIT for the day.

I was in bed at 8. Asleep by 9PM.

And today I had to go back to work. Where I sit and do a few things--and then by 9:20AM I'm bored. I think I'd rather have the day off.

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