Friday, January 9, 2009

Aeropostale After 29...AKA Act Your Age...

I think Aeropostale was designed with the young, hip adults in mind. Don't you? I mean, really? I'm not saying, that as a 40 year old woman, mother of 8, that I'm wearing denim jumpers and keds all over town. I still wear jeans and T-shirts. I own a leather jacket. I wear flats and Mary Jane sneakers... but some items of clothing are just...too young. You wouldn't catch me in a mini skirt. Or a tank top (unless I'm mowing the yard).

As I pass through my everyday life I am seeing more and more people wearing clothes that just make them look desperate to maintain that "youthful" vibe. Gah. Whatever. It doesn't come off as youthful, either. It comes off as desperate. Just plain desperate. 40+ year old women with Pamela Anderson breasts stuffed into a small baby doll tshirt at the grocery store--it just ruins my appetite. You should never show your mid-driff in public after the age of 20-ish unless you are involved in a horrible accident which causes you to pass out--and then the wind blows your tshirt up (a la Oprah, in "The Color Purple"). And just because your boobies look 20-something, doesn't mean the rest of you does.

Same thing with men. I know it's supposedly harder for men to accept the come of "middle age" --that's why men get bombarded with the big nickname of "Midlife Crisis" never really hear that about women. Men try to appear younger by buying clothes that should appear on teenagers. Or buying expensive sporty cars...or dating women young enough to be their daughters. It just makes them look SAD. And OLD.

I suppose it makes them all feel better to dress like they are 29. Or date people half their age. But how hot will they feel when they realise everyone is laughing at them behind their backs. Or their younger partners decide to date someone who can keep up with them?

Act your age people. Or at least from your own generation...

PS: You're so vain, you probably think this post is about you, don't you? Don't you?!

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