Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Driving Mrs.Crazy...

I've recently had more doctors, therapist, nurse and lab appointments than I did while pregnant with all 4 kids... I'm missing 6-8 vials of blood. And I have to go back in one week to give *more*. And within the next 6 weeks I have 3 MORE doctor appointments! Don't worry, I'm not pregnant. And it shouldn't be fatal. baha ha Don't worry, I'm in good hands. Trying a new medicine that everyone has high hopes for.

Needless to say...I've got some medical stuff going on. On top of being crazy. So, this is my reason for not posting more of late. That and my addiction to David Sedaris. I would love to slap mayonnaise all over his lil ole head and cradle it between two slices of soft white bread...and eat him UP!! I love his humor. Love. Love. Love. I read one book in 1 day. Won't tell you which one--cause it doesn't matter--they ALL are that good.

And I might not get to post too much in the near future either. My full time job is cutting my hours back to 24 per week. They are uber slow right now. I've already talked to my part time job/boss about picking up 8-10 hrs per week there. And since I make double *there*--shouldn't be a problem for us financially. Plus I'm gonna be off ALL jobs Saturday, Sunday and Mondays. And Mondays are "me and Sweets day" since he's off Mondays too. I really need a job with insurance though. Really.

For those wondering, emailing and commenting:

Earl: Still MIA. Call me heartless, but I'm already looking for his replacement. I NEED that little thing waiting for me when I come home for lunch break--or at the end of my work day.

Chupacabra: Spanish for "goat sucker". An "urban legend" (or so they say) of a hairless, coyote-looking animal that sucks blood from other animals--google it--but be prepared to drink heavily and HARD to keep from having nightmares about it...

I've recently started a "mood" journal too. Sweets and I are about to try some holistic type things together to help with the Bipolar stuff. My Psychiatrist was really impressed with Sweets attitude about this. Sweets has researched and bought books on this type of addition to my treatment. And is going to my appointments with me. Sure is a switch from that last guy, huh?

I also want to take a moment to thank my best friend. And to scold her. V, you mean alot to me. ALOT. You will never know how much I appreciate your emails. Don't EVER hesitate to email me, girl. EVER. ((HUGS))


  1. Okay Martie, can I just tell you that I have MET David Sedaris. Not one time. Twice. Uh huh. I think that makes us friends, right? Seriously, the first time was a book signing and we stood in line for HOURS and I swear, he took the time to really talk to every person who bothered to wait in that line. It was really cool. AND do you know what he said to me? He said, "You don't look old enough to have all those children." Clearly, he is not familiar with Alabama birth rates. I squealed like it was David Cassidy. And that reference proves that I am, in fact, old enough to have all those kids.

  2. Not heartless, my dear, just needy. There is a difference. :-) And if you above me are who I think you are - I am jealous of you. I think I only know one L from 'bama.

    xoxo to you both - v

  3. Oh V, y'all can't think I don't know who V is? Oh V. Silly girl. C'est moi. Barely, but c'est moi. And the bookstore had a strict policy against breast-signing. Found that out the hard way.
    tell me how you are.

  4. ooooo, I don't like the sound of that urband animal...sounds a bit like a 'drop bear' in Oz...Hides in the trees..and when you walk under it...drops down and attacks you (bit like a koala with rabies).

  5. Geez, I hope you figure out what's going on with you.