Monday, December 15, 2008

Working For A Living...

Last you heard from me, back on the oooold blog, was that I had a part time job. I still do. And now I have a full time job also. I'm working about 60 hours a week right now. Fifteen to twenty hours are spent at the mall. I'm a fragrance rep. Which means I stand around and ask you "Would you like to try *XYZ*?" I am not on commission. Strictly by the hour. And I make $16.00 per hour to offer you to sniff the latest and the greatest. The fragrance I sell is the top seller at our local mall. In both women's and men's. So, the work isn't hard. It sells itself. I just have to stand around for 7-8 hours and smile. And it's fun.

My new full time job is for a "dirt" company. We haul rock, dirt, asphalt. We'll "we" don't. I work in the office. A glorified secretary. The pay is really good here too. But I'm in the office alone--for the most part. I've been here 5 days--and got a $100 bonus today. Kewl, eh?

But I am exhausted. And getting sick. I can't do this much longer--work two jobs I mean. I wish I could, but it's killing me. My nose is stuffed up. I feel like I haven't slept in three days. My eyeballs are literally TIRED. So, although I like the tinkley sound of money in my purse, I might have to quit the 'smell good' job. And just play in the dirt. I sorta like working around all these men too. They are quiet, nice and gentlemenly--surprising for a bunch of dirt hogs. But nice. So, if ya need a pad built for your new home, or a pond for your pasture, or asphalt on your parking lot...give us a call. The girl in the office is realllll nice.

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