Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ok, Christmas Has Been Saved...

My Sweets called me last night and asked me if I could go to WalMart for him (he was still at work). He needed me to pick up some cat litter and a cat litter box, Meow mix and a collar. ??

He then quickly informed me that it wasn't for HIM--but for a friend. Whatever.

He brought me the most adorable kitten/cat. He's orange/white tabby. Scrawny. Dirty. In need of LOTS of TLC. Just what a depressed person needs. A small, soft creature...that loves you. Rubs their little head on your shin. Purrs and reaches their little paws out for more scratching. A little baby that needs me. Wants me. So happy to just quietly sit in my lap. Kneading my thigh. Happy to just BE with me.

I now can't wait to go home for lunch. Someone is waiting for me. And they LOVE me. And they need me...just enough.

His name is Earl.

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