Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Ripped My Pants...

On Thursday I start depriving myself of good tasting things to eat and drink. OK. I will not deprive myself of a good beer or glass of wine, but I WILL stop eating alot of yummy tasting, chock-full of fat stuff. And only eat a normal sized portion. With a tiny baby spoon and shrimp fork on a Frito Bean Dip lid--that way I feel like my plate is full--it should work, don't ya think?

Anyways, today I was reminded of WHY I must do this. And no, I don't mean when I looked at myself in the mirror as I climbed out of the smokey shower. That is why I take HOT showers. It fogs the mirror and I *can't* see myself. I'm talking about when I unlocked the office door after my "errand" trip to the Post Office and Bank. The door to my "building" is metal. and I caught my pants on the jagged metal and ripped my jeans. And now...now, my ass is hanging out. And it isn't pretty. And I know this because I contorted myself and took a picture of my backside with my cell phone. To send to my loving husband.

His response? "LOL!!" That's *it*?!? I ripped my pants, my assssss is hanging out at work, literally, and all he can say is "LOL!!"??? I need to lose some weight. So that the next time I send him a picture of my ass he might think of something risque' and sexy to say. Not fall down on the ground laughing at my cold white rear. Sigh.

PS: I can't leave the office until lunch--so, yeah. I'm wearing a jacket tied around my waist. But it's still a bit drafty in here.

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