Monday, December 29, 2008

Nymphomaniacs Are Us...

In my first marriage, sex wasn't a HUGE thing. Ok, well, to ME it wasn't. Not that it wasn't good... It was fine after we got started, but it wasn't something I thought about all day. Wasn't something I craved. I didn't dream about it at night, 1 hour after we had sex. Not even in the "honeymoon" days. And that marriage lasted 19 years...

But, now? My second marriage?? Ohhhh myyyy. I think about it constantly. Body parts get all tingly when I just LOOK at him. I can't get enough of him. We text each other all day. Teasing and flirting. He brings me breakfast by my office. All day long it's foreplay. By the time we both make it home, I can't see straight. I've never felt like this. Is this "a woman in her prime"? If so--dammmnnnnn!

We don't take days "off" either. Heck, I feel lost if it's just once a day! I'm not bragging...I'm really stumped by this--but I don't want it changed. I wanna be 80 years old, bending over in my t-shirt and socks, in front of the Lakers game--just to get a "rise" outta him--hee hee. And you know what makes it *really* good? He's a man with a HEALTHY appetite too. We both are sex crazed. But who knew?

If my ex husband knew my sex appetite now...he'd be wondering "WTH?! What happened to her?" What happened to me? hmmmm... I dunno. Except I feel special. I feel important. I feel wanted and needed. I feel sexy. And all those things add up to some HOT sex--or in our case, ALOT of hot sex.

So, if you are not having sex sympathy. And if you are? YOU GO!

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