Friday, December 12, 2008

Allow Me To (re)Introduce Myself...

It's me. Martie. Formerly of
Had to leave the old blog due to--well, I just had to.

Give me a few days. I'll let you into a world full of crazy antics. I like to call it "MY LIFE".

Main characters in my life:

Sweets--my husband since Oct. 25th 2008. My best friend. My hearts (and a few other body parts) desire. FUNNY.

Calie:--my 17 yr old. Beautiful. Not gonna say much else.
Claudia:-- my 8 yr old. Bossy. Moody. Beautiful.
Carson:--my 6 yr old. Severe ADHD son with a sprinkle of Oppositional Defiant Disorder. LOVE him.
Caden:--my 3 year old. 4 in April 09, and JUST potty trained.

Richard:-- aged 45: was my husband for 19 years. Now, he's just my babys daddy.
Miss A:--my ex's 25 year old girlfriend (soon to marry I'm sure).

The Beast:--my honey's exwife. This one is a tad crazy. And paranoid.

Now ME:--5'8", currently 155 (but determined to lose 15#). Blonde. Blue eyes. I'm a tad dramatic--and I'm told I'm funny on occassion. I'm 40. But I act 12ish. I'm Bipolar. But medicated--and under control. I'm in love. I like to laugh. I like to tell you everything. Sometimes it's TMI. Sometimes I cuss. Sometimes I drink--OK, more than sometimes--but not every night. I enjoy being 40. Did you ever hear that women are in their prime at 40? It's soooo true (see, here's some TMI stuff)!!

Check back soon.


  1. Hi Martie,
    You left a comment on my blog, as for some reason people trying to get in touch with Trix get me instead.... LOL.
    So comment on her trixie blog. I've sent her an email telling her of the problem so she can sort it out. But feel free to pop and see me, I just love making new blog mates, I'm such a blog tart!

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!! I don't know how that happened! No, I only have the one blog, Fire Byrd is one of my oldest blog buds.

    Why the move hon?